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Electronic Components

Welcome to your Electronic Components

The output will be high 1; only if both the inputs are low otherwise the output remain low 0 in case of
The output will be low 0; only if both the inputs are high otherwise the output remain high 1 in case of
The output will be high 1; only if both the inputs are high otherwise the output remain low 0 in case of
The output will be low 0; only if both the inputs are low otherwise the output remain high 1
The line between the drain and source connections represents the ........ channel.
The four MOSFET symbols show an additional terminal called the
The word Transistor is an acronym, and is a combination of the words Transfer
The Bipolar Transistor basic construction consists of ____PN-junctions
The enhancement mode MOSFET is equivalent to a “Normally ___ switch.
The depletion mode MOSFET is equivalent to a Normally ____switch
Increasing the value of the positive gate voltage pushes the p-type holes further away and ...... the thickness of the created channel.
If no positive voltage is applied between gate and source the MOSFET is always
MOSFETs are _____-controlled power devices
The voltage at which the channel ___ is called the “pinch-off voltage”, ( VP ).
As the Gate voltage ( -VGS ) is made more negative the width of the channel
the PN-junction is reverse biased, little current will flow into the ___connection.
by applying a reverse bias voltage ..... the width of the depletion region
If a small negative voltage (Â -VGSÂ ) is now applied to the Gate the size of the depletion region begins to ____
The cross sectional diagram above shows an N-type semiconductor channel with a P-type region called the ___diffused into the N-type channel
a potential gradient which is of varying thickness around the PN-junction and restrict the current flow through the channel by ___ its effective width
the JFET’s channel conducts with .....bias voltage applied
The most-depleted portion of the depletion region is in between the ___and the Drain
Field effect transistors can be made much smaller than an equivalent BJT transistor and along with their …… power consumption
Variable autotransformers also allow for changing the ........ output.
Typical residential voltage is ......., but this can vary.
Center-tapped transformers allow for a small change in the windings ....... rating by changing taps
The voltage transferred is ...... in proportion to the ratio of the number of turns on the primary coil to the number of turns on the secondary coil.
The process is made more efficient by ____the coils around a common metal core.
When a second coil is placed in the field of the current-carrying coil (____), electric current can be transferred to the second coil (_____).
When current flows through a coil, a ....... field is produced
Transformers are constructed using the induction characteristics of ....... power.
One or more transformers are often used to step ...... the line voltage to supply load or control requirements.
HVACR equipment often requires more than one ........
Capacitor consists of two or more parallel ..... plates which are not connected or touching each other
Motor .......... capacitors are rated for continuous duty
Most ...... capacitors have a bleed resistor across the terminals
Motor-start capacitors are in ...... with the start switch and starting winding
The marked terminal on the run capacitor should be connected to the ........terminal of the compressor.
The amount of potential difference present across the capacitor depends upon how much ...... was deposited
The insulating layer between capacitors plates is commonly called the .......
The capacitor is a component which has the ability or capacity to store energy in the form of an ...........
Where there is ...... resistance in a circuit the flow of current is small
Resistors determine the flow of …….. in an electrical circuit
A diode is a............-terminal electronic component that conducts electric current in only one direction.
Thermistors are ........ sensitive resistors.
The fuse on the right would literally explode if it were subjected to ____amps.
Less expensive fuses have ...... instantaneous current ratings.
....... types of breakers are available
The advantage of a circuit breaker over a fuse is that it can be manually reset at the electrical service panel after an ......, rather than replaced.
An arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) protects against ..... arcs
Hygroscopic elements are used on ......Controls
The humidity level .....and the hair begins to dry, it contracts and once again activates the electrical contacts.
Charged bulbs contain a volatile fluid that ..... in pressure when its temperature is increased.
_____is a component of a control system which senses theÂtemperature of a system so that the system's temperature is maintained near a desired set point.
A ....... proximity switch would use the same symbol as the lever-actuated limit switch.
These motion-operated switches are commonly called ____switches
_____switches are actuated with a rotary knob or lever of some sort to select one of two or more positions.
Pushbutton switches are ......-position devices actuated with a button that is pressed and released.
_____switches are designed for use in residential and commercial applications.
Proximity switches often limit motion and are often operated by the movement of a  _____device.
The load that a driver presents to an amplifier consists of a complex ........ impedance
the voice coil in speaker is ......
The operating voltage for a magnetic buzzer is from ___V to 24V
Diameter of punched holes should not be less than ___the board thickness.
The stacks are placed in a press where they are subjected to temperatures of about 340°F (170°C) and pressures of ...... psi
The substrate material passes through an ___where it is semi-cured
Woven glass ____ is unwound from a roll and fed through a process station
A printed circuit is a conductive pattern glued to one or both sides of an .....material.
Contact fingers are plated with tin-lead, then nickel, and finally gold for ....... conductivity