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  • Are trainees of TECH-NI-TEST widely accepted?

Yes indeed! TECH-NI-TEST is renowned organization and our trainees who have successfully completed training are widely accepted in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman and other Middle East, Far East and European countries.

  • Can I enroll if I live in any Part of Pakistan?

You are welcome! You can get admission in any of your favorite course as these are online courses.

  • Do you have a deadline for admissions?

Absolutely not, everybody may get admission, after meeting admission requirements, on any day he wants and he can join training at the same day.

  •  Do you offer different payment solutions?

The following payments solutions are available to pay the training fee, choose that suits you best. Please contact for details before paying training fee by following solutions other than at our locations.

  • Does TECH-NI-TEST help to get hired?

You may submit your resume and apply for job through our job portal. These free services are offered to our Students, Website visitors, Professional workers and general public.

  • Does TECH-NI-TEST hold award ceremonies?

Award ceremonies are being conducted on weekly basis at our Training Campuses. In the ceremony, students with distinction in Training are awarded by appreciation /award Certificates.

  • How can I get Admission?

You have two options; either you may fill the online enrollment form or you can personally come to our locations. Our support staff will raise you admission form and will give Student registration Card for ready reference.

  • How do I request a copy of my Training Certificate?

You may request you copy of Training certificate anytime. Just you will have to write a request letter to principal and you will get it after submitting the fee for issuance of duplicate certificate. In addition you will have to provide two photographs and concerned instructor will verify your status before issuance of certificate.

  • How do I request a copy of my Trade Test Report?

You may request you copy of Trade Test Report anytime with in the period of four (04) months from Report issuance date. Just you or valued O.E.P will have to write a request letter to the principal and you will get it after submitting the fee for issuance of duplicate certificate. In addition you will have to provide two photographs and concerned instructor will verify your status before issuance of certificate.

  • How long will it take to receive Course Certificate?

As soon as you will successfully complete the training and pass the final exam. Training Courses, in general, are of six (06) weeks / 240 credit hours duration.

  • How much fee I suppose to submit for Trade Test?

Trade Tests are being conducted in several trade categories. You will have to submit the respective Trade Test fee before commencement. Trade Test fees can be found here and  you may download Trade Test fee schedule.

  • How much time will be spent to receive the certificate, after passing exam?

The Training certificate will be issued in one business day soon after passing the final exam.

  • I have been out of school for a long time. Can I handle the training?

We give individual attention to every student. Usually we make group of students and focus on their training that enables us to uplift and enhance the training of every student.

  • Is TECH-NI-TEST recognized and accredited?

This Institution has been recognized and affiliated with the following: 

  • Is there any additional fee other than training fees?

There are no hidden charges of additional fee other than Training fees received against enrollment of student.

  • Is there any practical test involved in Trade Test?

We believe that Training is not beneficial without “Practical Hands on Training”. We almost provide daily six(06) hour hands on training in our facility, that’s makes us different from others.

  • What are the Admissions Requirements?

For enrollment you will have to submit the following either you have filled online enrollment form or you came at any location of our campuses. Our staff will fill out or print out your enrollment form, after completion of admission process and you will get a Student Enrollment Card with Student ID.

  1.        You original CNIC and a copy
  2.        Two recent photographs
  3.        Contact number of two family members in case of any emergency
  • What are the passing marks in order to pass in Trade Test?

Candidates who appear in trade test either referred by Overseas Employment promoters or by a Foreign Employer have to take minimum 70% marks to qualify the Test.

  • What if I fail in Trade Test?

It is very unfortunate that somebody got failed in his Trade Test, may retake the test anytime.

  • What is duration of the courses?

Most of the courses are 45 days / 240 Credit hour duration.

  • What is grading policy for Trade Tests?

The following grading system will be followed:

FIT FOR THE JOB                               80% and above

FIT FOR YOUR PURPOSE                  76% to 80%

B-CLASS FIT                                        70% to 75%

UNFIT OR FAIL                                    Below 70%

  • What is the procedure of conducting Trade Tests?

Testing procedure

Test slips are issued to every candidate for the convenience of the candidates. For the specific identification of the trade test and interview two photographs are obtained from each candidate. One photo is pasted on the trade test slip while other is pasted on Trade Test Report issued on completion of trade test. After conducting test, Confidential Evaluation Report is sent directly to the referring OEP.

Testing Methods

Testing methods are divided into two parts:

  1. Oral / aptitude test
  2. Practical test

The oral and aptitude test is being conducted to assess the overall capability, skills and Professional knowledge of the candidates. Formal opinion is formed after considering the Education, work exposure, professional skills of the candidate and after being asked general questions about the relevant trade.

  • What will happen if I fail in final exam?

We strictly committed on our Training Policy in order to make sure that every student who have undergone training will successfully complete the training. If someone got failed in his course final exam, it is very unfortunate. We will increase his training period as necessary and will not charge any additional fee.

  • What will I get after Trade Test?

A confidential Trade Test Report will be submitted to concern O.E.P

  • Will I have to submit the fee again in case of failure in final exam?

No, not at all! We will increase training period as necessary but will not charge any additional fee.