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Course Features

Course ID 871
Lectures 10
Quizzes 10
Duration 45 day
Students 1000



Enrolled: 562 students

Course Time:45 day


MASON (Tile fixing)

562 students


Mason (Tile Fixer) Prepare and Layout Ceramic, Marble and Granite Tiles to cover, mend and decorate exterior and interior walls, floors and ceilings in residential and/or commercial buildings. Working conditions include restricted movement, polluted environment, extreme temperatures, lifting or carrying heavy objects.


General Information

Course Industry:

Mason (Tile Fixing)

Course duration:

240 credit hours (45 days)


Mr. Anwar-ul-Haq, Mr. Mubarak Ahmed Kiani


Middle or Matriculate

Course Fee:

10,000 PKR ($ 200)


Desire Learning Objective

This course will help you to:

  • Align and rectify tile utilizing levels, squares and straightedges.
  • Determine and actualize the best format to accomplish a coveted example.
  • Cut and shape tile to fit around obstructions and into odd spaces and corners                     utilizing hand what’s more, power devices.
  • Finish and dress the joints and wipe abundance grout from between tiles, utilizing             clammy wipe.
  • Apply mortar to tile back, position the tile and press or tap with trowel handle to               append tile to base.
  • Mix, apply, and spread mortar, solid, mortar, bond, mastic, paste or different                       cements to frame a bed.
  • Level cement and permit to dry.
  • Build under quaint little inns stay jolts, wires and sections.
  • Study diagrams and inspect surface to be secured to decide measure of material                   required.
  • Cut, surface, clean and introduce marble and stone and/or introduce pre-thrown                  terrazzo, rock on the other hand marble units.
  • Cut tile sponsorship to required size, utilizing shears.
  • Remove any old tile, grout and glue utilizing etches and scrubbers and clean the                  surface painstakingly.
  • Select and request tile and different things to be introduced, by.
  • Mix and apply mortar or concrete to edges and finishes of channel tiles to seal                      parts and joints.
  • Apply a sealer to make grout stain-and water-safe.


Instructional Techniques

We impart knowledge and Practical Training in following way:

Ethics, discipline, motivation, health and safety training:  Half an hour daily              (10%)

Theoretical knowledge:                                                                        One (01) hour daily              (25%)

Hands on Training:                                                                                    Six (06) hour daily                (65%)



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