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Fresher or experienced staff? How do both effect the business success?

Progression and Triumph of any business highly depends upon his staff and the business strategy they use. Companies having great business procedures and right persons to carry out their tasks tend to progress rapidly as compared to others. Choosing a right employee for a business is a very hectic job. For small firms it is more difficult as compared to larger corporations, as they have budget limitation. Usually larger enterprises have blend of both- freshers as well experienced staff. Both have their pros and cons directly on the business success.

training. They work more professionally knowing all the tactics of market.  It is necessary to have experienced workers with particular skills to restrain from any risk or mistake which may lead the company to loss. Hiring of right candidate also depends upon the nature of job. Sometimes a person with niche abilities and skills is required for a particular task, in this case you can’t trust a newer as he is unexperienced and obviously having less knowledge which can result in severe consequences. If the business is growing rapidly at that moment you can also not hand over the tasks to a new and unexperienced employee, as he will take some time to learn the things. Apart from this, sometimes it is also not possible for the already hired staff to train the new member due to their busy schedule. Senior professionals are of great importance for any business, as they can lead a team and can do much work in less time.

On the other hand, hiring a fresh graduate is also fruitful for a company because they are young and more enthusiastic. They can give new and innovative ideas to generate more revenue for the business. It is more prolific to mold a new employee the way one wants than hiring and training an old worker and making him to discard the previous habits or attitudes. Usually an older employee gets more into office politics so in this regard, the fresher’s are good as they do not involve in such things and work dedicatedly considering the opportunity as a start of their career. Young generation of today is also technology lover and they are eager to learn new things and adapt new technologies and methods as compared to old employees who are stubborn and reluctant to accept novelty in their methodologies or way of working. But they are to be hired for a position, where there is small risk or if the expertise are willing to train them or if there comes a job whose right candidate is not available in market so in that case business owners can hire a newer and can mold him and train him according to their requirement.

Hence, it can be said both kind of employees have positive as well as negative effects on a business accomplishment. It highly depends upon the job nature that what kind of employee can fit in that position.

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