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Computer-Based Training VS Classroom Training

Technology is making the life of a man easier day by day, making everything more accessible and convenient. With the revolution in IT, the mode of education has been transformed as well. From the classroom of chairs, table, boards and rostrum; the teaching mechanism has been shifted to a computer screen, where one can have all lectures anywhere and at any time. Both the approaches have their own pros and cons, few are listed below:

  • Flexibility
    Computer-based training (CBT) is more flexible than classroom training(CT), as the user may sign in at any time and can get himself drenched with the knowledge. No routine or a specific time is needed. Anyone can access the lectures according to his convenience.
  • Reusable
    CBT is reusable. An instructor can create a video/ tutorial or a webinar once and save the video to be used later on for other groups of people.
  • Cost-effective
    CBT is a money saving technology. One does not need to arrange proper classroom setting for coachings. Apart from this, it saves travel cost for the candidates as well.
  • Easy to access
    CBT is easily accessible. You just need to have a software and have to register for the training session online. Unlike other classrooms training, for which you have to go physically, fill forms and then you can enrol in a session. Now with this CBT one can easily get himself registered and can attend teaching sessions while sitting at home. It’s time-saving. Formerly, large organizations need to send their experts to all branches to train their employees, but now this geological constraint has been curtailed with this technology, where all employers from every branch in any corner of the world can be trained simultaneously.
  • Frees up training staff
    It reduces the need for a group of experts who were kept in organizations just for training purposes. They used to train one by one different candidate. Now once the tutorials are made, they are reused and thus training staff gets free and can be used to do other tasks
  • Needs special software
     CBT is software dependent, unlike classroom where one can sit even without electricity and can have a complete lecture. It requires special software to run the program. Few softwares are free while others are really expensive.
  • Websites can go down
    A classroom is set for lecture according to the number of students who enrol, but for online CBT it is possible that a website may go down due to heavy traffic.
  • Power backup and a good sound system is required
    For CBT you are electricity dependent, your system needs to run properly and should have a good sound system for a clear voice. Sometimes distortion due to poor internet connections or because of any other reason makes the lecture inaudible.
  • Misuse the technology
    Few people misuse the technology as well. Suppose a person registers for a lecture but there is a different person who attends it and at the end, the certificate is entitled to the registered person who hasn’t joined the lecture actually, hence its hard to detect either the person who has been awarded certificate is the same who attended the lecture or not.
  • Less interactive
    Classroom training is more interactive. Students can ask questions and are entertained by instructors at the spot whereas in CBT either you are not allowed to ask queries or are answered later at the end of training session.

Every technology comes up with advantages and disadvantages as well. It is upon a man to choose which best suites according to his needs and scenario. For few, CBT is more helpful but for others, it may not.

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